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“Bienzle und der Champion”

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The Champion

Order-Nr. 73906

The filmsong of “Bienzle und der Champion”, produced by SWR 28.8.1998

After 60 pieces of film- and theatermusic within 15 years and 10 years of cooperation with Dieter Schlotterbeck, stage-director, a speciality has been created: the filmmusic put on CD. The music has been developped from parts of the theme.

The film deals with a boxer, actor: Ben Becker. The song however is more than a boxer-song. It is a song for all those, who won’t give up, who are ready to be heroes and win

It is finest rock!

The single contents the uncoupling of the radio cut. On the maxi single you find the long version of “Champion” and 2 versions of the techno soul songs “Get the Punch”, together with the”souldiers”-producer Milan Saje, and a collage of filmmusic.

The leadsinger of the heroes, Michael Flexig achieved Top Ten successes  in Japan together with the Scorpion’s former guitarist Uli Jon Roth. With his band “Zeno” he remained in the american LP Top 50ies for more than 3 months.

Dorothea Ferber, former violinist and singer in the band “Cochise”, nowadays performs solo

Walter and Peter Keiser from Switzerland form one of the best european rhythmgroups. They can be heard on some of Büdi Siebert’s CDs besides Andreas Vollenweider, Umberto Tozzi and Peter Hofmann

guitars: Ralf Illenberger, for many years being partner of Büdi Siebert, today lives in Sedona, USA and founded an own guitar-style.

Steffen Kahles, leadguitarrist  of “Vaseline Joystick” today works as a composer of filmmusic.

More than 60 films and theater-music are the creative result of 15 years of work as a filmcomposer. Büdi Siebert has , apart from his own productions, concert-tours and teaching activity worked in almost any genre, from radio- to ty-plays. He cooperated with the stage-director Dieter Schlotterbeck for more than 10 years.

On the occasion of their third common crime film “Tatort” (23.08.98 on the 1st programme ARD), stage-director and composer decided to develop the filmmusic not only out of well-known songs, but also with an especially composed song. This film, full of action and with highly qualified actors (Ben Becker, Martin Semmelrogge, Claude Oliver Rudolph, Dietz Werner Steck) deals with a boxer, who has been knocked out by a bad head-injury . He becomes witness of a murder and fights for his remembrance and comeback.

In order to compose the powerful theme, a hymn to the “inner hero” in each of us, who does not give up, Büdi Siebert set up a highly qualified band, the “Heroes”. The techno-soul-song “Get the Punch”came into being through training music.

The entire filmmusic has been developped out of these subjects and was then put together to one big collage of 9 minutes with shreds of dialogues and filmnoises. A very  emotional event.


Michael  Flexig: singing- Dorothea Ferber: singing- Ralf Illenberger:guitars- Sreffen Kahlers: guitars- Walter Keiser: drums- Peter Keiser. Bass- Milan Saje:keyboard- producer Büdi Siebert: keyboards, sax- producer Gibbs Platen: mixing, mastering