ARAUCARIA MUSIC has been founded in 1993 by Büdi Siebert, composer, multi-instrumental musician and one of the first “worldmusicians” in Europe, as well as by Detlef Engelhard, a trumpeter, who, since the 70ies, has been successfully working as a publisher of highquality music ranging from New Age to Latin.

The label carries the name of a tender and symmetrical conifer- the ARAUCARIA Tree , one of the oldest trees in the world, domiciled in the Rainforest. This tree belongs to the menaced species, and so do the “Araucarias”, who still live in the south of Chile.

The work on the label is dedicated to a world, in which all species and all cultures exist and inspire oneanother. The spectrum of the 8 productions that have been published before february 1999, reaches from meditational- and New Instrumental Music up to Worldmusic. All productions are of extraordinary high quality concerning musical and productional technics.


  • 1994   Büdi Siebert: Pyramid Call - 12 soli in the pyramid of Gizeh
  • 1995   Büdi Siebert CHI: Qi Gong - quiet music, european and chinese instruments
  • 1995   Ralf Illenberger: Sedona - music from the town of the red rocks
  • 1996   Büdi Siebert: Todas - music accompanying the songs of a primitive race from South India
  • 1998   Büdi Siebert and Armara: Plejaden Meditation - guided journey with space music
  • 1997   Siebert Weber Sarkar: Heaven on Earth - music for organ, tabla and windinstruments
  • 1998   Büdi Siebert and Armara: Traumreisen-1 - the 1st of 5 CDs dealing with travels into the inner cosmos, words, sounds and music
  • 2000   Büdi Siebert: Om Mani Padme Hum - music relating to the important buddhistic Mantra including songs chorus and worldinstruments,as well as voices and instruments from Tibet

In 1998 the label ARAUCARIA PROJECTS has been created. It includes as well the filmmusic as 2 rock-and technosongs written for the crime film “Bienzle und der Champion”

In future times, rhythmical and modern productions will appear on this label. The CD “TRI” came out in february and widened the spectrum of rock and techno up to finest worldjazz.