Some information about us and this homepage...

Here you will find some important information, help and software

1) In general...

  • we decided to choose the mp3-size in order to achieve the bestpossible quality of soundchecks. The downloading for one soundaudition takes approximately:
    - 3-5 minutes via ISDN
    - 5-7 minutes with a 56K modem

2) Open or store ?

    of course you can open the soundsamples directly, but via ISDN or 56K modem the process will be stopped due to the unsufficient band-with.
    Therefore we recommend the storing of the soundsamples and their complete downloading.

3)  size unknown- what can you do?

    With windows 98 the direct playing of mp3 data became possible .After an initial loading-time, the windows mediaplayer should appear and play the soundsample
    we recommend the storing of soundsamples and their complete downloading.

    in other cases you may download and install one of the following media-players:
    Microsoft Media Player 6.4 (2,47 Mb-Windows 95/98/NT/2000-german)
    WinAmp 2.50 (1,86 Mb-Windows 95/98/NT/2000)

4)  in case all this does not help,

    please send us an e-mail describing your problem. We will do our very best to quickly find a solution.


Your Araucaria Team