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The US. based Label Real Music and Araucaria music made an agreement for a worldwide distribution outside of Germany/Switzerland/Austria for the CDs: IDOGO MUSIC, OM MANI PADME HUM, and QI GONG.

IDOGO MUSIC has been released July 2003 with new title LIGHT DANCE .

Songs from Qigong and Om Mani Padme Hum are part of the beautiful sampler: NAMASTE released in august 2003

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March 2003


A powerful journey through the Medicine Wheel

Music Samples part 1

Music Samples part 2

A very new way to guide the listener to the universal knowledge of the Medicine Wheel.

In a journey to the four elements, the four children of the earth, the four aspects of human and the four Spirit Keepers he dances the whole wheel, the holy circle, that represents the Universe.

Accompanied by songs, instrumentals, drums, sound collages, nature athmosphres, voices of animals and humans and words of the great medicine man and teacher SUN BEAR . An intensive journey with a lasting impact - The Path Of Power.

Guest Musicians: Ralf Illenberger: guitars, Dorothea Ferber: vocals, choir,


October 2002


Music for Idogo exercises, Tai Chi and energy work

Samples part 1

Samples part 2

The Idogo is a wooden pole, the invention of the indonesian Tai Chi master Ping Liong Tjoa The initial idea for the pole was to support the students in the correct Tai Chi movements, but it turned to have an strong effect on human body an enrgy system. The research objective of this development was to make it easier to realize the positive influence of traditional Tai Chi Chuan on body and psyche. The positive impact on health and well being: IDOGO optimizes your posture, gently co-ordinates movement, eases tension and encourages soft flowing movement. Your respiratory capacity and intensity will increase noticeably. The positive influence on body and psyche are the result of a self supporting relaxed posture. This economic principle provides the organism with more energy, enables maximum oxygen intake and gently influences metabolism.

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Buedi Siebert was asked to compose music for the training videos. During the process of composing the final CD from the highlights of the Video sequences Mr. Tjoa and Mr. Siebert proved very carefully the flow of energy in and between the pieces, and did changes to optimize the structure. From this intense collaboration a music developed that unfolds perfect in the very balanced enegretic sequences of Tai Chi.

Ideal music for relaxation, energy- or body work, for inner alignment or support during concentrated activities.

Guestmusicians: Matthias Frey: piano Ralf Illenberger on acoustic guitar and Zhen Fan Zhang on Erhu, the chinese violin


Update sept 7 2003